Taste of Toraja coffee "The Queen of Coffee"

As the largest exporter of coffee ranks fourth in the world, after Brazil, Viet Nam and Colombia. The quality of the original coffee Indonesia is indeed no doubt. Indonesia’s territory consisting of the islands of making various kinds of coffee grown in Indonesia. Uniquely, each region has coffee with different flavours. One of toraja coffee. Toraja is located in the eastern Indonesia island of Sulawesi. First the coffee plant was taken by the Netherlands in the mid-19th century, and taken in 1970 ‘s. According to 95% of Imports, Café coffee grown in Toraja is Arabica. Toraja coffee known as “The Queen of Coffee” due to its distinctive flavor and aroma. Toraja coffee is very popular in Japan. Toraja coffee think of as luxury items, about 40 percent of the coffee is marketed in Japan are the Toraja coffee. Toraja coffee connoisseurs in Japan comes from the Middle upwards. But behind it, there is one problem which is detrimental to Indonesia. Toraja coffee has become a trademark in Japan by Key Coffee and United by a businessman. Indonesia could not directly sell Toraja coffee to Japan and the US, except by Key Coffee or u.s. employers. If direct export, Indonesia could be accused of violating party brands that have been registered there. The character “Toraja” coffees of Sulawesi Toraja coffee tends to have a relatively low acidity, although usually a little more acidic than coffee Sumatra and more delicious than Arabica. Toraja coffee generally distinctive character of spices or nuts, like cinnamon or cardamom mountains. The character of black pepper is also sometimes found. Their sweet taste, as is the case with most coffee-coffee Indonesia, closely related to the thickness of the coffee. After his taste would envelop the palate at the end of drinking coffee, smooth and soft. The original Toraja coffee characteristics so typical, therefore this type of coffee could be one of the best coffee of Indonesia. Starting from the form, type the original Toraja coffee has a brown color with irregular forms of the seed that ye will surely easy to recognize this kind of coffee beans when aligned with other beans. In addition, the unique from the original Toraja coffee is not too bitter taste.

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