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Promising Aquaculture business in Aglaonema Indonesia

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Aglaonema (Chinese Evergreen) or commonly referred to as Aglaonema is one of the popular ornamental plants in Indonesia. Aglaonema is a typical plant of Southeast Asia, Aglaonema which Greece (Aglos), meaning the rays and (Nema) which means thread, literally meaning Aglaonema yarn shine. In addition to easy in her treatment, this plant has a unique leaf motifs and interesting colour schemes so that it becomes the target of many people. Aglaonema plant enthusiasts in Indonesia. Most of the fans of this ornamental plants is the middle class and above. Aglaonema, is one of the ornamental plant dubbed the Queen of the crop. In addition to its beautiful and graceful, the business value of ornamental plants is also priceless is quite high. In the range of 2016-2017 years ago, business interest aglaonema indeed ever rising. Selling price is quite soar to millions of rupiah for one pot plants. The determination of the price of the plant is even based on a large number of leaves. Currently, the selling price of aglaonema houseplants increasingly varied, ranging from the cheapest, which is tens of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars, so more and more circles can collect aglaonema. Although no longer a-boom a few years ago, acquiring venture aglaonema houseplants wouldn’t hurt. In fact, the votes still have the potential for a great business, given the typical plants against enthusiasts of Southeast Asia is still quite a lot.

Types of Aglaonema Houseplants:

– Aglaonema Calypso

– Aglaonema Cecilia

– Aglaonema Emerald Beauty

– Aglaonema Golden Bay

– Aglaonema Maria

– Aglaonema Nicole

– Aglaonema Juliana

– Aglaonema Red Gold

– Aglaonema Romeo

– Aglaonema Silver Bay

– Aglaonema Silver Queen

Offered from the page jogja.tribunnews.com, there are 5 tips in caring for plants this plant growth in order for aglaonema grown rapidly. 1. Aglaonema Plant growing Media Media on aglaonema houseplants should have the acidity (pH) is neutral between 6-7. Could use a mix of leaf litter and sand as a medium for planting with 3:1 comparison. Enter the media pot planting up to three quarters of the section having previously laid red brick shards or genting on the base of the pot. 2. Watering Watering can be done once a day with varying quantities of water that are customized with the humidity planting media itself. To keep in mind is, aglaonema is a plant that loves the area is not dry but not too wet. Do not wear your water of chlorine in caring and watering plants Aglaonema. 3. Fertilizing Fertilizing Crops need to be done in three months using fertilizer that is recommended. Ask for advice from experts/nursery to find out which brand or type of fertilizer that suitable for aglaonema along with takarannya. For natural fertilizers can use water washing the rice. By the way menyiramkan to the media instead of planting leaf/stem. 4. Placement place the Plants ornamental plants is a shady place because aglaonema in fact incompatible with the sun shines directly. This plant can be placed on a patio or other areas with low sunlight intensity. 5. The treatment Leaves the beauty of Aglaonema houseplants is in a part of the leaves. If the leaves of Aglaonema look clean, beautiful and shiny kian adds to its charm. Therefore one way of caring for houseplants aglaonema is create shiny leaves.

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