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Fish Dingkis The Carrier Of Hockey

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Chinese new year celebration when the fish are much sought after by the public dingkis of Chinese on the Riau Islands, Singapore and Johor Bahru.

Dingkis fish known as the Rabbitfish, latin name Siganus Canaliculatus is this fish. Dingkis fish sold in the market today ahead of the Chinese new year celebration and the most widely hunted by the buyer is the fish that are spawning.

They believe if consume fish Dingkis will bring fortune and good luck.

Dingkis Chinese new year when demand for fish is very high so as to make the price soar up to 400 thousand rupiah. However, these prices are not valid for all the fish. High to low price seen from the eggs contained in the fish.

lkan dingkis so the target and so it especially during Chinese new year feast because the price is quite high especially containing eggs. Excessive exploitation and use of the capture tool that are not environmentally threatened fish dingkis resources and their habitats.

Excessive fishing in the South China Sea and around Hong Kong, where fish used to thrive. The stock around the Malay Archipelago and the Indian Ocean is also threatened.

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