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Indonesia One Of The World’s Largest Exporter Of Coffee Giant

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The film and novel are widely produced in Indonesia are not directly also influenced the trend of coffee that exist today. Coffee represented visually in the papers is considered able to captivate the public especially youngsters to sit sipping coffee and making it as a lifestyle. Offered from the page, drink coffee now has become a lifestyle for children generation of millennial doctrines and not just drinks busting drowsiness. This is reflected in the proliferation of cafes or drinks vending stalls from steeping coffee grounds in the entire country. the emergence of the tavern-coffee shop encourages the growth of the creative economy of commodity coffee, both for domestic and export markets. Indonesia is one of the countries with the world’s largest coffee consumption. The data of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) noted Indonesia coffee consumption period 2016/2017 reaches 4.6 million packs 60 kg/lb (60 kg) located in 6 countries with the world’s largest coffee consumption under Russia. While the world’s largest coffee consumption is the countries who are members of the European Union with the consumption of over 42.6 million lb (60 kg). Indonesia has various types of specialty coffee is known in the world, including Civet Coffee with flavor and aroma typical of the corresponding geographical indications which becomes excellence Indonesia. Up to now, been registered as many as 22 geographical indications for coffee Indonesia, of which Arabica coffee Gayo, Toraja Arabica, Robusta coffee Pupuan Bali, Koerintji Sumatra Arabica coffee, Coffea Liberica and Coffea Liberica 1957 Jambi Rangsang Meranti. According to BPS coffee production in Indonesia as a whole as much as 630 thousand tons per year. 430 thousand up to 450 thousand tons for export and 160 thousand to 170 thousand tons for domestic consumption. Data export to national coffee BPS, in the year 2017 grew 12.56% to 464 thousand tonnes compared to the year 2016. While the total value of industrial exports per year worth of US 1.2 billion or the equivalent of 16.8 trillion (exchange rate of 14,000).

Indonesia’s coffee consumption throughout the period 2016-2021 forecast to grow an average of 8, 22%/tahun. In 2021, coffee supply forecast to reach 795 thousand tons with the consumption of 370 thousand tons, so surplus 425 thousand tons.

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