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Oil Palm Cultivation way superior and bear much fruit

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Palm oil commodity holding strategic role. In addition, palm oil is the raw material of oil is the main cooking oil that is widely used around the world, so that it can continuously maintain the stability of the price of palm oil.  Plant material has a very big role in the success of the palm oil plantations.

  1. Superior plant material (legitimate) plant material used must be ascertained from the central source of the seed that has possess the legality of Government and has a good reputation, such as the Center for the study of the oil palm (PPKS), PT. Socfindo, PT. PP London Sumatera Indonesia, PT. Palm & Prosperous, PT. Jonah’s Single Estate, PT. Dami Mas Sejahtera, PT. Bakti Harapan Nusantara, PT. Tania South, PT. The Core Means Prasaran, PT. Sari Bloom Ehsan Means. The recommended plant material is the result of a cross between a Deli Dura x Pisifera.
  2. Plant material is Not superior to the (Illegitimate) the impact of the use of the plant material is not superior, namely: a. Low productivity, production levels to a maximum of only 50% of TBS, and yield a maximum 18% CPO. b. The garden could not sustain the lives of farmers and therefore cannot refund the credit. c. The MCC are potentially working under capacity so the cost though. d. Damage processing machinery (Light Tenera Duct Divider and Nut Cracker), Yield and low Core CPO.

Another problem faced by oil palm planters is the difficulty of getting the Palm superior seed so many are turning to oil palm seed origin or fake. Whereas oil palm planters already know what the result will be obtained if they use Palm oil derived from the seed.

The use of oil palm seed false would get the loss include:

  1. False will yield seed contamination dura so it will reduce production of FFB and CPO,
  2. Fake seeds would reduce the opportunity to earn revenues that are optimized and costs incurred in vain,
  3.  Access will arise a conflict between oil palm planters and garden suppliers, TBS
  4. Offences ACT Np. 12 year Cultivation System of 1992 and Act No. 29 of the year 2000 on the protection of Plant Varieties,
  5. Low productivity, production levels only 50%, FFB yield CPO maximum 18%,
  6. Damaging the machine processing yield, CPO
  7. Take market share,
  8. Damaging the image of the official seed producers,
  9. The decline in the level of production of CPO nationally,
  10. Natural resources, human resources and capital are not optimally termanfaatkan.

Use The Seeds

  1. Superior seed has the eye shoots a white NET.
  2. Superior seed leaves have widened and not tangled/roll.
  3. Superior seed has a dark black colored shell.
  4. Root on seed superior i.e. has a length of 2 to 3 cm.
  5. Superior seed stalks conditions i.e. has a size that is short and fat.

Once the seed is planted 3 maintenance process on oil palm cultivation, namely:

  1. The stitching is thinning, and Seeds that grow abnormally, exposed to the disease should be embroidered.
  2. Penyilangan by clearing weeds that grow around the Palm plants.
  3. Palm fertilizing is done according the age.
  4. Pest Control Diseases Of Palm Oil

In order for oil palm cultivation becomes maximal, it should immediately eradicate and control pests diseases such as:

  • Caterpillar Caterpillar and SAC fire attack the palm leaves. This worm attacks can create hollow leaves up to run out the remaining leaves only bones.

  • Pest beetles, Beetles will eat the young leaves of this resulting in a leaf shaped like a triangle at the time.

  • Pests rats, attacked oil palm cultivation, namely Malayan field rat (Rattus tiomanicus). Rats will make holes in fruit ripening.

Oil Palm Disease

  • Root disease or Blast disease caused by the fungus Boletus/Rizoctonia lamellifera and Phytium sp.
  • Rotten disease of the base of the stem or Ganoderma mushrooms Ganoderma applanatum by disebakan, lucidu, Ganoderma and Ganoderma pseudofferum. This disease attacks the base of the stem of the plant oil palm which can create rot and soft.

Please try one by one with practice the method above, oil palm cultivation you will hopefully flourish and bear much fruit

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