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 Various Types of White Rice in Indonesia

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It should be noted, rice has various types on the market, such as pulen rice and pera rice which are the people’s choice. There are other differences that need to be known by the public about the two types of rice. White rice is the most consumed rice by the people of Indonesia. This white rice is obtained from rice that has been ground and cleaned so that the color can turn white. Because it has gone through many processes to get the white color, this rice has a lower nutrient content than other rice. The texture is fluffier when it’s cooked. When talking about white rice, rice in Indonesia itself has several kinds.

Pandanwangi Rice
The first type is rice, which has a fragrant aroma like pandanus, which is the main attraction for consumers to buy it. The texture that is owned when cooked is also very thick because of the short or almost rounded shape of the grain. Fragrant pandanus rice comes from the cianjur area.

Rojolele Rice
Rojolele rice comes from Central Java and East Java. This type of rice has a fragrant aroma and the characteristic that is possessed is that there is a white color like milky white in the grain.

IR 64 Rice
This type of rice has a storage time that is quite durable, which is about 3 months. The texture is fluffy and sticky, but the aromatic aroma is not fragrant like rojolele or fragrant pandanus.

IR 42 Rice
This IR 42 rice has the same grain shape, but the difference is the size. If at IR 42 it is smaller than IR 64.
IR 42 rice is usually known as “Pera Rice”.

Setra Ramos
Rice is widely circulating in the market because the price is relatively cheap.

Batang Lembang
It is also known that Japanese rice has a very fluffier texture when it is ripe.

Ministry of Milk
Organic rice that is very rich in nutrients and minerals.

Menthik Fragrant
Organic rice that has a low sugar content so it is well suited for diabetics.

Fierce Beureum
Local rice from Cianjur is very good for reducing cholesterol levels. Unfortunately this variety is almost extinct, making it difficult to find and expensive.

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