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5 advantages and disadvantages AMBIVERT

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Every human being has a different personality and is unique, some like crowd and there are aloof, some are open and there are unisex which is covered. Maybe you've often heard Extrovert and Introvert personality type. If the Introvert personality type is closed, then the Extrovert personality type is open. However, have you heard of personality type AMBIVERT? Ambivert is a joint between the Introvert personality type and Extrovert. An Ambivert personality that has sometimes become Introverted and often become an extrovert. People with this personality type is called has a balanced personality, they can feel comfortable in any conditions. Even people who are often called Ambivert have multiple personalities. People who have personality ambivert usually have common traits such as this. 1. It's not easy making decisions and planning. An ambivert will find it difficult to determine the options. They could determine his choice based on mood. 2. Easy to adapt to the new environment. An ambivert could easily with others and also more able to understand others. 3. Not easily affected.        An ambivert is not easy to believe in others and more believing in his own pandanganya. 4. Has stable emotions.  An ambivert has stable emotions and have keahlihan read the emotions of others. 5. An individual that is multi-tasking A ambivert will still be working on a project by way of a group or individual. The advantages of someone with personality ambivert, namely:

  • Independent.
  • Don't like to waste time.
  • Adaptable in new environment
  • Being able to measure the exact time for the talks.
  • Being able to organize properly.
  • Have a keen intuition.
  • Tend to be relaxed and not much demand.
  • Able to position themselves in compliance situations and conditions.

Lack of a person with keprbadian ambivert, namely:

  • The ever-changing personality.
  • Often acting in accordance moodnya.
  • Not sure of their personality.
  • It is easy to feel tired.
  • It's hard to make a planning.
  • Often seen ambiguous.
  • His personality is hard to guess.
  • It's hard to make a decision.

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