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10 Figure Crazy Rich Indonesia version of Forbes

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Superkaya be the one that would have so much fun. Got a lamborghini, luxury homes, branded clothing, eating expensive, make a wedding supermewah like Prince and consort of all can be done. Want to buy whatever can be done, including both want to buy the Office, buy the law that currently it’s not unusual in Indonesia. So what if most people become rich in the country? will definitely be more fun again isn’t it? Could possibly be a derivative to 7 treasures hoarded will never run out. In the midst of a growing economy and rising stock market index of 4.4% in the last 12 months, the combined wealth of the tycoons in Indonesia rises to a record $129 billion US, up from $126 billion a year ago. Woww!!, FORBES recently released its list of the 10 Richest People in Indonesia year of 2018. Six of the 10 richest people in Indonesia are experiencing an increase in an asset which is pretty good compared to last year. Michael Hartono occupies top list. Bank Central Asia accounted for 70% of the wealth $35 billion of them.  Susilo Wonowidjojo up one rank to no. 2 position with net worth $9.2 billion (Salt Warehouses) Eka Tjipta Widjaja (No. 3) from Sinar Mas, saw his fortune plummet $500 million to $8.6 billion this year.  Sri Prakash Lohia ascended to the position of no. 4 this year with a net worth $7.5 billion (Petrochemicals).  Anthoni Salim occupy the top five on the list at no. 5; the richness of the white garment is down $1.6 billion to $5.3 billion. King mining Low Tuck Kwong, his wealth soared 63% to $2.5 billion this year (Bayan Resources).  Bachtiar Karim wealth rose 61% to $1.45 billion since last year because of a significant increase in corporate earnings Season Mas palm oil. The complete list of 10 people Superkaya in Indonesia version of Forbes the year 2018

  1. Budi & Michael Hartono; US $35 billion
  2. Susilo Wonowidjojo; $9.2 billion
  3. Eka Tjipta Widjaja; $8.6 billion
  4. Sri Prakash Lohia; $7.5 billion
  5. Anthoni Salim; $5.3 billion
  6. Tahir; $4.5 billion
  7. Chairul Tanjung; $3.5 billion
  8. Boenjamin Setiawan; $3.2 billion
  9. Jogi Hendra Atmadja; $3.1 billion
  10. Tiono 2004; $3 billion

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