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The Krakatoa eruption and Tsunami that Yield silver bullion Banten Coast.

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the fate to be born and die already determined. If God wishes anyone could not avoid even if hiding in the hole the Ant. That night on Saturday, December 22, 2018 no one thought if Employee Gathering Company PLN Parent Units to the West Java Transmission in Tanjung Lesung Beach Hotel, will be the party of sadness. At 21.27 BST after the Band finished Saventeen rendition of the disaster coming. The tsunami struck from behind the stage and swept everything. Within hours the bodies already crowded noisy atmosphere, full of instantly turned into sorrow. The presence of the tsunami News quickly spread, got any news flooded intersections presented BMKG. Through the account twitternya events confirm that the tsunamis BMKG who braved the coast of banten and lampung is the tides caused by the moon. But before long this cuitan deleted and causing a huge question mark for the netizen. 7.7 any correction that does occur the tsunami on the coast of Banten and Lampung was caused by underwater landslides due to the activity of volcanology older krakatau.

error occurs also in public relations twitter account Sutopo Purwo Nugroho BNPB, he also removes Twitter previously indicated that a tsunami could not happen. This of course makes a confused society. Netizen already angry demanding Publicist BNPB retreat from jabatanya because of spreading misleading information. Post tsunami coast of Banten and Lampung really persuaded lanta. Carita Beach for example, conditions along the coast of Carita, All eyes open, nearly all the buildings on the beach was damaged. Especially in the area of Kampung Sambolo. Semi permanent buildings destroyed the majority of the shapeless. Fallen pillar and roof already flattened to the ground. Most semi-permanent buildings also were severely damaged. Not the least of which is the wall broken window due to the flood. Many are also threatened fallen. Hundreds of casualties and growing. Report from public relations BNPB Sutopo Purwo Nugroho via a Twitter account @Sutopo_PN, the number of casualties and damage caused by the tsunami in the Sunda Strait per 24/12/2018 at 16.00 WIB recorded 373 people died, 1,459 people injured and 28 people missing. Physical damage include 681 housing units damaged, 69 unit hotel and villa is damaged, unit 420 boats and damaged ships, 60 units of stalls and shops damaged, and dozens of vehicles damaged. A number of artists have also been victims, i.e. the personnel and crew band Seventeen also became victims of the Ifan (Vocalist) Survived despite were injured, Bani (Basist) died, Herman (guitarist) lost and found in a State of death, Oki Wijaya (Road Manager Sister) died, Andi (Drummer) were found Monday, December 24, 2018 in the circumstances of the death, Dylan Sahara (wife of Ifan) found died, Melissa (Seventeen Crew) died. Through the accounts of instagramnya Ifan Seventeen asks prayer for his wife and his friends. Instagramnya account comment field flooded with condolence greeting from among artists or netizen.

in addition, some other artists similarly victimized, Jigo Ade with his son successfully saved, Mezuya (wife of Ade Jigo) died, Aa Jimmy died, Nurilah (wife of Jimmy Aa) is found dead, and two children Jimmy Aa until now has not been found.

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Urgen, tlg kirim bantuan segera

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information and video amateur seconds-seconds and post tsunami occurrence in the sunda Strait quickly spread in social media. Not only that Indonesia’s social media universe filled with condolence greeting from among artists, footballers and people from all over the world. 1076702291862839298 DediMulyadi71/status/1077369016748929025 the day before the occurrence of a tsunami in the Sunda Strait, some citizens had a chance to capture the activity of the son of Krakatoa which rages and incandescent lava ejects into space.

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Anak Gunung Krakatau Masih Terus Melakukan Erupsi . Sabtu 22 Desember 2018 pukul 18.00 wib telah terjadi erupsi Gunung Anak Krakatau berupa abu vulkanik berwarna hitam pekat yang mengarah ke timur laut dan timur. Selain itu, pengamatan langsung dilapangan oleh tim patroli pengamanan kawasan Kepulauan Krakatau Balai KSDA Bengkulu Lampung juga memperlihatkan adanya lontaran material pijar yang terjadi terus menerus. Suara dentuman juga terdengar cukup keras yang menyebabkan pos jaga Pulau Panjang tersebut bergetar. Kondisi cuaca terpantau cerah, angin bertiup lemah ke arah timur laut dan ombak laut tenang. . Berdasarkan laporan Pusat Vulkanologi Mitigasi dan Bencana Geologi (PVMBG), erupsi Gunung Anak Krakatau yang terjadi pada 22 Desember 2018 pukul 17:22 WIB, tinggi kolom abu teramati lebih dari 1.500 m di atas puncak (± 1.838 m di atas permukaan laut). Erupsi tersebut terekam pada seismogram dengan amplitudo maksimum 58 mm dan durasi ± 5 menit 21 detik. . @Kementerianlhk menyampaikan, Turut berduka cita sedalam2nya untuk bencana #Tsunami di pantai Banten dan Lampung. Doa kami, semoga tidak banyak terjadi korban. Dan kepada yang berduka, semoga dikuatkan dan diberikan ketabahan dalam mengahadapi. Aamiin. . Masyarakat dihimbau untuk selalu waspada terhadap gelombang di Selat Sunda. Semoga kita selalu dalam lindunganNya. Amiinn. . Sumber video : Tim Patroli Kepulauan Krakatau BKSDA Bengkulu Lampung, 22 Desember 2018, 18.00 wib.. @krakatau_ca_cal , @bksda_bengkulu . . #KerjaBerdampak #KLHK #bksdabengkulu #KementerianLHK #gununganakkrakatau #gunungberapi #erupsianakkrakatau #banten #lampung #prayforanyer #bandarlampung #pandeglang #anyer #bpbd #bmkg #pvmbg #volcano #naturereserve #cagaralam #cagaralamlaut

A post shared by Kementerian LHK (@kementerianlhk) on Tsunami in the Sunda Strait indeed very silent and is not detected at all. The earthquake is usually the primary cause of the tsunami was not perceived. This is a big question mark?? and the onset of the tsunami is still a debate, BMKG mention tsunami occurs because the underwater landslides due to the activity of volcanology mount krakatau child. But this still needs to be researched further. a large number of victims who fell one cause was tsunami early warning system that is not functioning. Should have a working system of evaluating the BNPB tool is given in the year 2018 Indonesia have repeatedly swept the most recent tsunami was a Tsunami in the hammer and in NTB.

Issues tsunami detection tool that is not functioning even had time to create panic among the citizens due to tsunami warning siren goes off, they scattered a run leaving the coast of Banten because heard this siren called there’s a tsunami following. It turns out that instead of following the tsunami, but the tsunami detection tool is broken. A massive evaluation to be done! Until when Indonesia would be like this.

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