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 Gayam, Tree “Awful” Protector of Water in the Stomach of the Earth

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Aside from being a fruit tree, Gayam has the ability to bind ground water to the surface with strong supporting roots. This type of tree belongs to the Fabaceae family, which is a type of water conservation plant that can store and bring water close to the ground.

Gayam tree species criteria chosen as a water protector is a type that is able to provide an influence in replenishing groundwater (interception and infiltration). This type is also able to control evaporation (evapotranspiration and evaporation) and exerts influence on aquifer absorption.

Gayam is usually planted as a shade yard and cemetery in the countryside because of its shade and strong canopy.

However, because of its haunted appearance, many people consider this tree to be the home of spirits. In addition, because it is considered to have no economic value, causing gayam not get attention. Its existence is slowly becoming scarce.

Benefits and Benefits of Gayam
Gayam must be soaked before cooking for consumption, by boiling or baking. Gayam fruit can also be used as processed products such as chips (gayam chips). These chips can be a culinary business opportunity that has not many competitors.

Gayam tree wood can be used as furniture. While the shade canopy and strong branches can be used as a shade tree.

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