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The History Of The Powerful Eruption Of Mount Toba

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In addition to having a very mesmerizing natural beauty, Lake Toba also save natural resources. No wonder Lake Toba became one of the prime tourist destinations in Northern Sumatra. The largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia has a length of about 100 kilometers wide and 30 kilometers, formed due to the eruption of Mount Toba named ancient fire. Behind its natural beauty, Lake toba store giant sleeping below. Yes, just below the Lake toba caldera is an ancient volcano that once erupted about 74,000 years ago. This volcano is responsible for almost punahnya mankind at that time and the volcano is also responsible for the Earth’s temperature extremes for 6 years. History recorded the eruption of an ancient volcano Toba became the deadliest eruption. The damage that it may cause terrible and very spacious. Ancient volcano Toba eruption into category 8 in Volcanic Explosivity Index.

Toba is the biggest eruption on Earth in the last two million years, “said Gene Smith, a geologist at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Quoted from the page nasionalgeographic.com

Ancient volcano Toba eruption spewed 2,500 cubic kilometres of lava. The equivalent of twice the volume of Mount Everest. Erupsinya 5,000 times more terrible than the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980 in the United States. Gases and particles get into the atmosphere from an explosion that was blocking the Sun, the planet plunges into a deep winter that lasted many years.

with the least sunlight coming into the Earth makes a lot of dead plants. Some scientists think this triggered a domino effect that encourages humans to the brink of extinction, killing thousands of stems, and creating a “genetic bottlenecks”.

However, recently scientists have been suggested that Toba does not affect the course of human history as previously thought. For example, the prehistoric artifacts found in India and dates from after the explosion suggests that people coped pretty well with the effects of the eruption. Now researchers have found that the evidence showed the Toba is not really cause volcanic winters in East Africa where humans live.

“We have been able to show that the largest volcanic eruption in the last two million years did not significantly change the climate of East Africa,” said researcher Christine Lane, geologist at the University of Oxford.

Research continues to be done to uncover the mystery. The question is, what is the danger of Mount Toba is past or lest he was ‘ sleeping giant ‘ are waiting to wake up? Researchers predict the devastating eruption of Lake Toba, potentially happen again. In the study, published in the journal Nature, a team of international scientists create models that show how the Chamber gathered under Caldera–the crater where Lake Toba is located. Researchers use seismic data to track channel system Toba. As a result, they gain the channel complicated by magma moving up through a certain level.

Magma Chamber under the Lake Toba

the team also keeps track of the Chamber to a depth of 150 km. At that level, a large number of chemical elements in the atmosphere, known as the volatile, resulting in subduction-boundaries between plates are converging. They then move up and melt, gathered at the base of the crust and create reservoirs of magma covering 50,000 cubic kilometers with a depth of 75 kilometres. The process keeps repeating to form a crust of shallow reservoirs are considered responsible for the onset of the eruption. The system is similar to that found in the Yellowstone supervolcano in the United States. Researchers say, it shows that a vast reservoir of magma and solid under the Earth’s crust, is the key mechanism is the cause of the explosion. Location of Indonesia is indeed located above the area of the Pacific ring of fire (Ring Of Fire), the meeting place of the plate-the world’s major tectonic plates, which are marked by hundreds of volcanoes, which in turns will erupt from time to time. The eruption of Mount Toba became the beginning of the rise of violent eruptions of volcanoes in Indonesia, in its history in the year 1816, ash from the eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia removes the sunlight and cause the “year without a summer”. In 1833 an eruption of Krakatoa in Indonesia, a huge lower summer temperatures worldwide and disrupt weather patterns for years.

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