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How to deal with a spouse’s hot-blooded man

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Recently being viral action Adi Saputra origin 20 years old teen Lampung district motornya destructive BSD Tangerang. He slammed motornya because no thank ditilang by traffic police who stop it because trying to against the tide because it avoids the officers who were carrying out the traffic arrangements in the Modern market. Boyfriend Adi Saputra crying hysterically viewed such a feat. In fact, she barely underneath the motor when Adi slammed motornya. “Already, Which (Alas) … udah …, “said the woman. residents who were passing by and decided to record the event, the video was quickly circulated in social media and be viral. Not satisfied with the action of slamming, teenager back motor makes. He recorded the action fueled vehicle license uploaded diakun facebook. Arson VEHICLE REGISTRATION that occurred shortly after his motorcycle seized by Bripka Oky at Jalan Lieutenant Soetopo, Serpong, Tangerang Selatan. Netizen who does not like the arrogant action then flooded his facebook account with swear words. A result of this incident the Polres of South Tangerang Adi Saputra menjembut immediately for review. Police suspect angry with the attitude of an excess of these teens. After quite a long review note that motor that marred the bodong is the motor he bought from someone’s initials D from facebook. He bought the honda scoopy is priced at 3 million without REGISTRATION, VEHICLE REGISTRATION, vehicle registration fees also falsely were burned, the number of machines and the number order of the vehicle is not suitable, so the police do some checking to Samsat. After done checking Policy get the data that the original owner of this motorcycle called Nur Ichsan. Nur Ichsan also is a victim of fraud. Originally Nur Ichsan mortgaged his vehicle to someone the initials D, Suspect the initials D and decided to sell it to the honda scoopy motorcycle Adi Saputra via facebook. Over these events the Adi Saputra set became a suspect, he dijerat the article 263 of the CRIMINAL CODE about counterfeiting, article 372 of the CRIMINAL CODE about embezzlement, and of article 378 of the CRIMINAL CODE fraud juncto Article 480 of penadahan. Then there is also Article 233 of the CRIMINAL CODE regarding the destruction or damaging evidence, as well as of article 406 of the CRIMINAL CODE concerning the destruction of objects belonging to other people. From this event many people intrigued by the figure of the woman’s boyfriend Adi Saputra who remain patient although the accompanying dibully on Facebook. Then how to maintain a good relationship with a partner who has the emotional high? Quoted from the page, basically the people who have high emotional properties also have advantages as follows:

  1. They have a unique view of the world. The character of the people who are emotionally affected by a wide variety of different stimuli with normal people, they have a deeper, more creative about life, according to an article from C reate Your True Life
  2. They have a sense of sympathy for others. High emotional people who have the ability to feel what others are feeling.
  3. They put a lot of responsibility on themselves. Emotional couples know when they take responsibility for something.
  4. Usually people are very high emotional detail the time noticed something. It is affected due to sensitifitasnya.
  5. They give priority to emotions and feelings.
  6. They had a good relationship with other people. At umunya they have good relationships with friends, associates, colleagues, and members of their families.
  7. People are usually very precise high emotional moment mengambik decision. They took the decision not to hurry
  8. They are people who are very cautious. They generally have a very good behavior.

Everyone indeed has a level of sensitivity and emotions are different. Some have a very emotional, while others do not. There are several ways that can be done facing the emotional high pairs:

  • Keep quiet, don’t join the angry.
  • Ask what they are feeling.
  • Show that you understand their feelings.
  • Talking about the problem and find a solution.
  • Speak with a low tone of voice.
  • More hear when they talk.
  • Give it time to cool down.

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