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Kopassus Elite Forces 1 Rank the world's best

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Some time ago Indonesia national army back to make fragrant dikancah International Indonesia name. The AIR FORCE became a champion at the ASEAN Armies Rifle Meet (AARM) 28th year 2018 held at Camp Terendak 400 Field, Melaka, Malaysia. Indonesia won this 3 times in a row to be named by grabbing 28 gold and 7 trophy, two years before the TNI also became the champion in the Philippines the year 2016 and 2017 years in Singapore. Achievements for the sake of the continued achievement of TNI soldiers, carved by this time elite forces KOPASSUS successfully occupied Indonesia pride rank one world according to a survey conducted for NATO. KOPASSUS beat SAS uk which has for many years occupied the throne as the most respected elite forces in the world. This of course is surprising a lot of people, because of Kopassus was initially ranked as the third best troops in the world version of Discovery Channel Military Edition 2008. The following survey results of NATO which is broadcast via video Global Fire Power:

  1. Kopassus (Indonesia)
  2. SAS (United Kingdom)
  3. Navy Seal (Usa)
  4. Syayetet 13 (Israel)
  5. Group Alpha, Russia
  6. JTF2 (Canada)
  7. Eko Cobra (Austria)

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