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But the League Champion Persija Jakarta 1 2018?

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Persija Jakarta just holds League trophy 1 Indonesia 2018. Patience waiting for the title of the highest caste football competition in Indonesia expired already. Surge of excitement The Pick a loyal supporter of Persija Jakarta cannot be dammed again. After 17 years of waiting is long, The Bradley finally saw the back of his favorite team Persija Jakarta lifted the League Championship trophy after defeating Indonesia 1 Kertanegara district Partners with a score of 2-1 in the last match at Gelora Bung Karno Jakarta, Sunday (9/12/2018). About 68,000 pairs of eyes in the stadium GBK, Jakarta witnessed the historical moment the rise of kemayoran Tigers that had long been dormant. Gelora Bung Karno Stadium Thundered when in the 17th minute, Marko Simic scored for Real Madrid through a penalty point.  Again Marco Simic became an important actor in this game on the back of the net 59 Kertanegara district Partners broke through for the head of the Simic. This result makes real Madrid was ranked first with nicks 62 points, coincidentally a number of PSM Makassar that occupies the second place League standings 1 Indonesia 2018. The controversy and the issue of title Score League Settings 1 2018 earned Persija Jakarta could not escape the controversy. The issue of setting the score to match the scenario champion Persija Jakarta sticking out towards the end of the League 1 2018. Many of the things that trigger the suspicion of awkward one drama Widodo C Putro who stepped down from the coaching Chair Bali two days ahead of United’s game Real Madrid vs. Bali United. While the match was in progress when the action controversy had stalled for so long and in 104 minutes Djumadi Effendy blew the whistle length without notice to extra time, the referee in charge of lifting the Board additional time is also not do it. The issue of setting the title Real Madrid already foreseen earlier, Rochi Putiray, in the event that teams bet talk-show capital so League champions 1 2018. Rochi Putiray, not only the quarterback Kertanegara District Partner, Danny Guthrie, alluding to the success of Real Madrid in the title called mercenaries.  Another controversy a matter of position in the standings, Real Madrid should be ranked 6 since losing to Manchester United in the face of Bali and Barito Putera. However, PT LIB as League 1 operators have their own reasons with an Persija position. The MARCH VICTORY of PERSIJA JAKARTA team victory parade of the capital of Persija Jakarta his plan will be held Saturday, December 15, 2018 At 9:00 am EDT. The procession started from the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium and ended at City Hall, Jakarta. The plan the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan will greet the players at City Hall. Anies Baswedan said the March victory of the people’s Party is an Persija Jakarta, Jakarta. About 120,000 of The Bradley is rumored to be taking part in this victory marches on. HISTORY of PERSIJA JAKARTA Persija was founded on November 28, 1928. Initially, Real Madrid was named Voetbalbond Boemipoetera. Disputes a number of the Club’s then made its administrator ‘ divorced ‘ from Voetbalbond Batavia en Omstraken Netherlands Indies Government supported and changed its name to Indonesische Voetbal so Jacatra on 30 June 1929. VIJ was established two soccer figures i.e. Soeri and a. Alie Subrata. VIJ renamed Persija then. Zaragoza is headquartered in Petojo, Jakarta. President Sukarno gifted Real Madrid new field i.e. the stadium Ikada. Real Madrid’s headquarters moved to the Viosveld Stadium, then change its name to Stadion Menteng, in the way of HOS Tjokroaminoto. Then pick your Lebak Bulus Stadium moved to due to the pengalihfungsian Stadium in Menteng into a garden. Lebak Bulus Stadium, however, was made the Depo Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). Now the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium became a temporary enclosure Persija. Originally jersey Persija Jakarta is red. But, changed in 1997 during the reign of DKI Jakarta Governor Sutiyoso. Pembina Real Madrid, Gunners, the familiar call of Sutiyoso, replace the color of the jersey so reddish orange. The Bradley aka The Jak formed by Managers Spirited Diza Rashid Ali on December 19, 1997. Headquarters and sekretariatnya Stadium in Menteng. ACHIEVEMENTS OF PERSIJA JAKARTA

  • The year 1931, champions, as VIJ Jakarta (1)
  • The year 1933, champions, as VIJ Jakarta (2)
  • The year 1934, champions, as VIJ Jakarta (3)
  • The year 1938, champions, as VIJ Jakarta (4)
  • The year 1954, Champions (5)
  • The year 1964, Champions (6)
  • The year 1973, Champions (7)
  • The year 1975, champions, along with PSMS Medan (8)
  • Year 1979, Champions (9)
  • The year 1990, the tenth United

Premier Division Liga Indonesia

  • Year 1995, ranking the 13th West Region Premier Division
  • The year of 1996, ranking the 14th Western Region Premier Division
  • Year 1997, ranking 10 West Division
  • The year 1998, the competition was not completed
  • Year 1999, Semifinalists
  • Year 2000, Semi-finalist
  • Year 2001, League champions Indonesia
  • Year 2002, big 8 League Bank Mandiri
  • Year 2003, number eight Liga Bank Mandiri
  • Year 2004, 3rd Liga Bank Mandiri
  • Year 2005, Runner Up of Liga Indonesia
  • Year 2006, big 8 League Indonesia
  • Year 2007, finalist of the Indonesia League

League 1

  • The season 2008-2009, ranked 7 Indonesia Super League
  • 2009-2010 season, ranking 5th Indonesia Super League
  • Season 2010-2011, 3rd in Liga Indonesia
  • 2011-2012 season, ranking 5th Indonesia Super League
  • 2012-2013 season, ranking 11th Indonesia Super League
  • 2013-2014 season, ranking 5th Indonesia Super League
  • 2014-2015 season, ranking 11th Indonesia Super League (the League dismissed)
  • 2016 season, ranking 14 Torabika Soccer Championship A 2016
  • 2017 season, Rank 4 League 1
  • 2018 season 1 champion League 1

Indonesia Cup

  • Year 2005, Runner Up Copa Indonesia
  • Year 2006, Copa Champion Indonesia 3
  • Year 2007, Copa Champion Indonesia 3

President’s Cup

  • The year 2015, group phase
  • The year 2017, the big 8
  • The year 2018, 2018 President’s Cup Champion


  • The year 1973, Saigon Khanh Quoch Cup Champion/Ho Chi Minh City Cup Viet Nam
  • Years 2000, 2001, Brunei Darussalam Brunei Invitation Cup Champion
  • The year 2018, champion Bost Fix Super Cup Malaysia
  • The year 2018, 2018 AFC Cup Semifinalists

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