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Criminalization of scholars, Bahar bin Smith arrested

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Lecturer Habib Bahar bin Smith inspected Policemen alleged molestation case related to two children, one of which was still under age. Bahar bin Smith checked in quite a long time about 8 hours by investigators of the General Directorate of Criminal Police on Reserse West Java. He was finally established as the temporary direct persecution and the suspect was arrested at the home of prisoners of Mapolda in West Java for further examination. The detention was carried out due to information suspects would flee.

Based on the information the team of investigators in the field, Habib Bahar has used communication tools and used the name initials of Rizal.

Quoted from the page, Bahar bin Smith previously reported to the Polres Bogor with a report number LP/B/1125/XI/I/2018/JBR/Res Bogor on 5 December 2018. In the report, Bahar together several others suspected of committing violent acts in public against two people, one of which is the minors.

Cases of alleged mistreatment occurred at Pesantren Alawiyyin Tajul in Pabuaran, Kemang, Bogor regency, West Java. Due to him, both the teenagers were injured and had a chance to get treatment in the hospital. Bahar bin Smith denied assault, he had done a quibble that the two men invited to practice martial arts in the field.

Habib Bahar assignment as a suspect based on evidence which is owned by the investigators. In addition to Bahar, the police also established a five-person suruhannya as a suspect. Two of the five suruhannya, i.e. AG and BA were detained at Mapolres Bogor.

He dijerat Act No. 35-year 2014 about child protection with the threat of imprisonment between five years up to a maximum of 12 years.

Previously on 06 December 2018 Habib Bahar bin Smith also examined Police related cases of hate speech against President Joko Widodo. Bahar bin Smith signed as a suspect in a case of alleged insults and hate speech. The contents of his lecture was judged insulting to President Johnson “Jokowi” Widodo and viral in social media.

News of the detention of Habib Bahar bin Smith quickly spread, numerous issues began to appear. Before the persecution done Video Habib Bahar is circulating in social media discussion and become netizen.

Various reactions netizen related video is poured out, some pros and some cons.

Vice Chairman of PARLIAMENT Fadli Zon join commented detention related Habib Bahar bin Smith. Fadli assess Police already do criminalization against scholars.

Bahar bin Smith is indeed controversial, he involved several other cases beginning in 2010. Quoted from page tribunnews some cases never drag name Bahar bin Smith.

Here are some cases dragging his name, 1. Involved in the riots at the Tomb Mbah Priok (2010) in April 2010 riot happened in Koja, North Jakarta. The riots occurred because of the existence of the plan triggered the execution ground Tomb Mbah Priok is in the area of Tanjung Priok Container Terminal by the Government of DKI Jakarta. 2. Ahmadiyya Congregation assault action involved in the Kebayoran Lama (2010) Habib Bahar admits he never led the assault against the Ahmadiyya Congregation in Kebayoran Lama. 3. sweeping action in the Café De peruisakan which led to Most on 2012. 100 people reported to be attacking and damaging the Cafe De Most in the way of RC veterans, Bintaro, Pesanggrahan, Jakarta Selatan.

So is it true that the detention of Habib Bahar bin Smith is the Criminalization of the scholars? or pure acts of violence? Please your own values.

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