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 Eta Aquarids 2019 Meteor Rain Appearance

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This meteor shower can be witnessed by all inhabitants of the Earth, both in the northern hemisphere and the southern sky. However, those around the equator and the southern hemisphere will have the best views. “Those in the northern hemisphere must direct their eyes more towards the horizon. “The number of meteors that they can see is also less, but the meteor will look like long light strokes to be more impressive,” wrote Joe Rao on
Reported by the Mirror, Wednesday, May 1, 2019, the peak of the meteor shower will occur on May 6. The intensity is around 60 meteors per hour, which can be seen in the southern hemisphere and 30 meteors for the northern earth.

This meteor shower occurred because the dust from Halley’s comet went into the atmosphere of the Earth and burned to form glowing lines in the sky.
The best opportunity to see this meteor shower activity is on May 7 in the morning. In addition to meteor showers, the full moon will also occur in May. But it is not an ordinary full moon, but it is nicknamed the Blue Moon, which can be seen on May 18. Eta Aquarid is one of two meteor showers related to Comet 1p / Halley. This meteor shower can be seen from April 19 to May 28 each year. The peak of this meteor shower is around the beginning of April, exactly on the 5th. The frequency of the fall is quite a lot, but it is different in both hemispheres. In the north there are around 10-20 meteors per hour, while in the south can be up to 40 meteors in one hour. But unlike other meteor showers, the number of meteors that fall when the peak is only a little heavier than the other day.

Halley’s Comet was last seen in our solar system in 1986. At present the comet is very far from the sun, its position further away from Neptune. Soon the comet will spin and draw back to the sun, until finally it will meet again with Earth in 2061. As the sun approaches, the comet will release particles of ice and dust into the vacuum. The process of Eta Aquarid meteor showers is famous for its speed. These meteors run at a speed of 66 km / second towards the layer of the Earth’s atmosphere. The effect of that speed is that humans can see a sparkling trace that can be seen for a few seconds, and sometimes up to several minutes.

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