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Queen Of Wushu Indonesia Lindswell Kwok So Reverts

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Origins of Wushu athletes of Indonesia Lindswell Kwok, rumored to be the lover's heart to be married by Achmad Hulaefi. Achmad Hulaefi is a colleague who also works as a wushu athlete. News of the wedding Lindswell Kwok and Hulaefi make a big commotion because Indonesia society, Lindswell Kwok who previously decided to become a Buddhist religious converts and berhijab.

News of the wedding the couple ever justified Affairs Nahrawi Priest. Through the accounts of his Priest Nahrawi instagram pleads Lindswell Kwok Hulaefi Achmad come to see him and to give the wedding invitations that will be held on 9 December 2018 in Jakarta. Affairs for the priest he Nahrawi prayer for both of them.

"May the happy world of the afterlife. Had long wanted to find a new post but right now, "said Imam in photo captions on Monday (03/12/2018).

Achmad Hulaefi and Lindswell Kwok has strained relations since the year 2015 romance. This athlete couples romance unfolds when the 2018 Asian Games even though they are shy to admit it. During this time, romance both are indeed covered pretty tightly and not terendus by the public.

This time the 27-year-old Kwok Lindswell, Indonesia Wushu athletes who come from the city of Medan Binjai, born in September 24, 1991. He was dubbed the "Queen of Wushu Indonesia" due to his superb national and international dikejuaraan.

1. Gold at the World Wushu Championships in Canada 2009, 2013, Malaysia Indonesia 2015, 2016 and 2017 Russia Poland. 2. Gold at the World Games in Colombia 2013. 3. Gold in Asean Union Games in Indonesia 2014. 4. Gold in the World Accord Combat Games in China 2010 and 2013 Russia. 5. Gold in the SEA Games in Indonesia 2011, 2013, 2015 Singapore Myanmar and Malaysia 2017. 6. Asean Junior Gold in 2009 in Macau. 7. Gold in the Islamic Solidarity Games in 2013 Indonesia with two gold medals. 8. Gold in Kejurnas 2009 in Makassar and POUND Jabar 2016. 9. 2018 Asian Games gold in Indonesia.

Lindswell Kwok ever be crowned the most beautiful athletes in the list of the sexiest athlete version of Fox Sports Asia and ranks first in the 10 Hottest Athletes of the Southeast Asian Games 2017.

In addition to culinary hobby turns Lindswell kwok also likes watching movies Jackie Chan and Jet Lie. He often observed the movements of Kung Fu that is present in the film.

The figure of Achmad Hulaefi, a prospective husband Lindswell Kwok

Achmad Hulaefi is also a wushu athlete seeded Indonesia. Born October 14, 1988 with Lindswell Kwok he defended Indonesia in various international wushu Championship. Achmah Hulaefi contributed a silver medal at the Asian Games in 2018.

In addition to the profession as athletes, Achmad Hulaefi is a civil servant (PNS) municipality of South Jakarta.

He was also a businessman clothing, Achmad Hulaefi producing shirts, flannel pants, china, jogger and t-shirts. Even he often served as a model for the clothing that it manufactures.

Achmad Hulaefi is a cat lover, through account instagram hers she often upload pictures with her favourite cat.

In addition it also fans Abbie Hulaefi MMA athletes muslim origin Nurmagomedov Khabib Russia.

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