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 Rivalry of Lee Chong Wei vs Lin And End Badminton Legend

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Lee Chong Wei retired without the title of Olympic champion or World Champion, however, during his career in the world championship stage, Lee Chong Wei became one of the best men’s singles with dozens of other titles. The news of the retirement of Lee Chong Wei (Malaysia) was apparently heard by the ‘eternal’ rival, Lin Dan (China).

Knowing that the toughest rival decided to hang the racket, Lin Dan also conveyed a touching expression. Through his personal Weibo social media, Lin Dan wrote down his sadness at Lee Chong Wei’s retirement decision. According to him, without Lee Chong Wei, the field would feel lonely for him.

“There is no one who accompanied me on the field,” said Lin Dan in his Weiboo.

The rivalry between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan does have its own space in world badminton history.
Both Lee and Lin both managed to dominate the men’s singles championship podium in various international tournaments for almost 20 years. The meeting between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan often presents a duel that draws attention all over the world. Throughout their badminton career, Lee and Lin have met 38 times. The meeting record until Lee’s retirement is 27-11 for Lin’s excellence.

During badminton, Lee Chong Wei had a record of 705 wins and 134 knockouts and 69 titles.

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