Selebgram Beautiful Aldira Chena Esek-esek Case Involved

The capture of Vanessa Angel of alleged Prostisusi Online opens a new chapter, the police are increasingly developing this case. Now there are 1,000 Police back exposing the videos hot artist allegedly involved online prostitution. Reported by Solar, page Kapolda Jatim, Inspector Pol Luki Hermawan released the list of the initials of the artist involved prostitution cases online. Police suspect that this artist 21 has been involved in several transactions of prostitution along the four muncikari who were detained at Polda Jatim. As delivered Kapolda Jatim Inspector Pol Luki Hermawan mentions the name of the artist who’s been identified i.e. initials AC, TP, BS, MLS and the RF, as well as one further artist FG allegedly involved prostitution network online. A list of the six artists who will be called as a witness the alleged prostitution related artists, among others: 1. Mulya Sustainably 2. Baby Shu 3. Fatya Ginanjasari 4. Riri Febianti 5. Aldiena Cena or Sundari Indira 6. Selebgram beautiful Aldira Permatasari tiara Chena very shock moment knew itself associated prostisusi network engaged artist who also dragged Vanessa Angel. Through the accounts of his own he denied news instagram.

Many were nanya kurusan dira! How do thin, tasty-again delicious holiday home from Bali to Medan the same ngumpul friends, eh suddenly my name was already sampe tuh East Java alone, “wrote Aldira Chena via Instagram Story.

The owner of the original name that Indira was a Sundari selebgram. This beautiful woman is nicknamed Barbie Hot from the Field. The nickname given him because Instagram follower’s body and his face similar to Barbie. The following beautiful photos selebram Aldira,

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