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 The Miracle of Ramadan Fasting for the Human Body

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In a recent study, participants, who were prediabetic, were found to have decreased insulin levels and increased insulin sensitivity when fasting. They also have decreased blood pressure and appetite.

There are also studies that show an increase in cardiovascular risk factors for heart disease and stroke. This seems to be caused by a reduction in oxidative damage and inflammation that occurs when fasting. Damage caused by oxidation in cells is what causes some chronic diseases and cell aging.

Increased Overall Cell Function and Brain Health
One theory for this is that cells experience some stress during the fasting period and then adapt to this stress, in turn, improve the way it works.

Fasting also helps autophagy, which is the process of removing waste in cells. This is useful because it breaks up the buildup of dysfunctional proteins in cells. Cells can then begin to repair themselves. Recent studies feel this could be useful in protecting people against diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Nerve regeneration can be caused when autophagy is reduced or disturbed.

There is evidence in mouse studies that fasting can help in the production of new nerve cells in the brain and an increase in brain-derived neurotropic factors. This is a hormone in the brain that has been linked to cognitive problems and depression when there is a decrease in hormone levels in the brain.

Overall, cells are able to improve themselves and are more resistant to diseases and stress when they have gone through fasting.

Weight loss
This is due to your body entering ketosis (burning fat rather than glucose from the food you eat), increasing growth hormone and decreasing insulin. In most studies, Fasting has been shown to have little effect on nonfat masses, which means you can maintain muscle while burning fat cells.

Longer life
With reduced development of chronic diseases, repair of cell damage, and improvement of the cardiovascular system, it only makes sense if fasting is proven to prolong the life of animals in the research conducted. The health benefits of maintaining a healthy body both mentally and physiologically, keeping your body running better and longer.

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