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 Tour to the Shooting Spiderman Far From Home Location in Europe

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In this week’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, the head-web travels across the Atlantic on a field trip, but instead of bringing true criminals to justice – chefs at British Air, bad French pop singers – heroes ( Tom Holland) was recruited by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) to fight criminals whose strength is based on four elements.

The city of Italy is a place of epic battles, when Spider-Man and his friends are attacked by water elements.
This production builds a set at Warner Bros Leavesden Studios, north of London, complete with palazzi, part of the famous Rialto Bridge and a giant water tank under the canal.

One of the more difficult tasks proved to be true according to the color of the Venetian canal. “The water in the canal is blue-gray and opaque,” said the production designer. To achieve this effect, the crew slowly added gallons and gallons of liquid similar to food coloring. Filming the scene requires all sorts of unusual specialists, including ship organizers who care for imported gondolas, wave makers, and some divers in the water, who help steer the boat during filming and provide safety nets if one falls.

This film’s climate battle takes place in one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks, Tower Bridge. Production was allowed to shoot at the bridge early one weekend morning for a limited time, but was not allowed to stop traffic. Instead, much action took place on a replica of the bridge footpath built in the British studio.

Getting the steel beam look right is a must. Production must ensure the age of their replicas to make them look like they have been painted dozens of times.
The crew added sawdust to their paint so that the texture of the set was thick and the corners were rounded, not sharp. “Thank God I paid attention to these details,” Paré said. “It’s a shame now with IMAX 3-D, because what you see on the screen is enlarged.”

“Far From Home” is reportedly the most expensive production in the Czech Republic in a decade. The country launched a red carpet, allowed the film to use the iconic Charles Bridge in Prague, and closed it to tourists. One location they cannot secure is Prague’s Old Town Square. It’s too big and expensive.
Instead, filmmakers found a standing position in Liberec, a city an hour and a half north of Prague. “We spent two weeks in Liberec doing a night photo shoot in their square,” Paré said. “They are good hosts.”

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