Insemination and IVF alternative way in order to Quickly get pregnant

Many ways in which selected married couples to have children, including by following pregnancy program called insemination. Insemination is a technique in the medical world to help the process of reproduction by means of embodying the prepared sperm into the uterus using a catheter. The process of Sperm into the uterus Insemination This aims help sperm towards the egg that has been cooked (ovulation) so that conception. It is the natural fertilization, insemination where sperm taken from her husband and then cleaned (sample) and then entered into the womb of his wife and then his sperm swim towards her own ovaries so that fertilization takes place naturally. In addition there are other ways that Insemination can be used namely IVF (tube baby), are reserved for couples who have difficulty of conception in the womb. This is the symbol of human iradah combines art and technology to ' create ' life on Earth with his power.

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