This Causes Vanessa Angel Stuck Online Prostitution.

Universe virtual worlds were shocked by news of the capture of beautiful VA artist and the artist's initials AF-related prostitution FTV online. They were both arrested while performing cool esek-esek expression in a hotel in Surabaya. Unknown woman initials VA is Vanessa Angel and AF is Avriellya Shaqqila. In addition to capturing two beautiful artist that police also caught two pimps as well as secure the businessmen who order the service of Surabaya prostitutes artist. Both artists are thought to install a different rate. Vanessa Rp80 million sets, while Avriella Rp25 million. Photos of Sexy Avriellya Shaqqila does not take a long time. Vanessa Angel and instagram account Avriellya Shaqqila invaded netizen, assorted spicy comments meet the comments field both accounts the pretty artist. Angel was eventually released after undergoing an examination of police since Saturday afternoon yesterday. Director of Special Crime Reserse Commissioner Ahmad Yusep Gunawan said in an online prostitution dragging the name of Vanessa Angel this investigator set two muncikari it as a suspect. "Initially The Ice. TN 25 years and 28 years. Both are residents of South Jakarta, "said Yusep.  

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