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 10 Typical Bogor Foods You Must Try!

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Instead of waiting a long time, let’s just look at the discussion about 10 typical foods that you must try Bogor!

Soto Mie
One popular bogor dish that is popular is Bogor soto mie. Soto mie Bogor is a dish of yellow noodles spiked with gravel, veins, intestines, beef, pieces of risol, potatoes and several other ingredients. Bogor typical soto noodles are also added supplementary ingredients, such as lime, fried onions, chili sauce to vinegar. Bogor soto noodles are even more delicious when eaten with rice. Moreover, using melinjo chips, solid, anyway. have you tried it?

Fried Bean Sprouts
This Fried Bean Sprout is a dish consisting of a mixture of rhombus or rice cake, tofu, boiled bean sprouts, sauce from oncom with savory flavors, yellow noodles and soy sauce.

Bogor Cungkring Food
This processed cungkring is made from basic pieces of cow gravel made on the head. For seasoning using a yellow seasoning smeared with other seasonings made from sweet peas, more delicious usually these foods are combined with side dishes such as satay and additional white rice to add to the full stomach.

Bogor Laksa Food
One of the culinary made from vermicelli noodles, how to serve it with a mixture of yellow sauce and oncom. The food menu that serves Bogor Laksa is at the Laksa Pak Inin depot, which is located on Soemanta Diredja street, Cijeruk, Bogor.

Pickled Corn Roasted
Serving a corn-based menu that is served is quite simple, this grilled pickled corn food has indeed become a favorite in the city of Bogor.

The presentation of this menu is fairly simple, the basic ingredients of sweet corn after being burned and then smeared with vinegar and chili water, then added with sugar sweetener to make it taste sweeter, and a little sour because of vinegar.

Bogor’s next special food is Bapatong. The name Bapatong itself is short for Kupat Gentong Meatballs. A bowl of bapatong consists of meatballs, rhombus doused in broth. The meatballs used in this bapatong have a savory taste and soft texture.

Asinan Bogor
Salted Bogor itself is different from pickled betawi made from vegetables such as cabbage, mustard greens, lettuce to bean sprouts. While pickled Bogor made from fruits such as young mangoes, papaya, kedondong, nutmeg, pineapple to guava water given vinegar sauce and granules of fried peanuts.

Bogor Doclang
Doclang is a kind of food which is almost the same as tofu or rice cake rice cake. Doclang itself is a food consisting of sliced ​​fried tofu, hard boiled eggs, pesor, peanut sauce, soy sauce and crackers or chips.

Pepes Sago
Maybe this is the first time you hear pepes know. Because usually the dipepesa is tofu, fish, and mushrooms. But in Bogor you can find this unique food.

Wet spring rolls
Bogor is also famous for Lumpia Basah snacks. Well, one of the wet spring rolls that you should try and is very legendary is Suryakencana Wet Spring Rolls. It has been around since 1972, from its aroma alone Lumpia Basah Suryakencana is so appetizing.

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