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 AVENGER END GAME – End of the Age of Marvel Cinematic Universe

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AVENGER END GAME – End of the Age of Marvel Cinematic Universe

The Avenger End Game film left some big questions unresolved. Here are 5 questions you might still have about Avengers: Endgame after watching it.

1) What really happened at the end of the end game?

The Avengers, have traveled through time to collect all six Infinity Stones from before Thanos can annihilate half of life. The Avenger makes special gloves containing infinity stones. The Hulk snapped his fingers, returning everyone who had been annihilated by Thanos.
Thanos from 2014 traveled to 2023, with the help of Nebula 2014 (which replaced the 2023 Nebula), then blew up the Avengers headquarters.
Tony Stark snapped his fingers and removed Thanos and his troops – but Tony died in the process.
Endgames use time travel theory which is very different from most films. Endgame says that if you change the past, you create a new parallel universe branching out from the moment you change the words of the past – but when you travel to the future, you go back to your original future, not what you have just made. made in the past.

2) Will Tony Stark’s death last?
The death of Tony Stark, is not just a way to conclude the story. But there is something in the Marvel comic book that might be a way for him to return. At the end of the Marvel comic book known as Civil War II, Stark was seriously injured, but then we find out he created AI himself – with his awareness and knowledge and extensive intelligence – if his body stopped working.

AI, which guides and assists the Avengers, looks like a kind of holographic figure – no different from the holographic message Tony left for his daughter at the end of the Endgame. If Marvel and Downey are a game (or at least willing to let Marvel use its form for Stark), Marvel Studios can copy comics and save AI Stark’s version as a recurring character.

3) Who is the kid at Tony Stark’s funeral?
A teenager’s reflection ponders behind Tony’s funeral meeting – he stands near Maria Hill, and you see it for a few seconds before the camera approaches Carol Danvers – feels like it might be the arrangement for some new teenage superheroes to join the MCU, or maybe surprises reveal about Tony’s secret son.

4) What happened to Gamora?
At the end of the Endgame, Tony took his own gloves that read Infinity Stones to destroy Thanos and his troops. And we know that Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord, used his computer to track Gamora 2014 (now Gamora was sacrificed to get the Soul Stone in the Infinity War), which was labeled as a missing person. And the last clue that we have is that Nebula 2023 of the future (Nebula 2014 was killed) and Gamora 2014 together at some point, but only the Nebula returned to Guard.

There is little chance that Gamora was killed during Iron Man’s shots. We don’t know who he used to attack other than Thanos, his ally, and his army. Gamora could be considered an ally and soldier because he had not officially left Thanos for the Guardian at the time. It’s not as if Iron Man knows who he is – he only knows him as a woman who Star-Lord panicked about the Infinity War before the Star-Lord messed up their entire plan by being selfish brats. Iron Man needs to hope for something like “all Thanos troops except for Gamora” so he can live.

But killing the main character on the screen is not Marvel’s way (even though he did it with Shuri). A more likely scenario is to find Gamora 2014 to be part of the third Guardians of the Galaxy film, which is under development after re-hiring director James Gunn. When Gamora died in the Infinity War, it made his Guardian status doubtful, but in 2018, Saldana signed a letter along with other Guardian players and crew to return Gunn as director Vol. 3, indicating that he will still appear in a certain capacity.

5) So what really happened to Steve Rogers?
At the end of the game, Steve Rogers was assigned to return each Infinity Stone to their respective timelines. The Ancient One, who bestowed the Hulk with Stone of Time in 2012, explained that putting the Stones back was needed to keep the 2012 timeline from branching out into an alternative future, a world that would be vulnerable without protection from Batu Infinity.

Rogers returns and returns all the stones, a journey that only takes a few seconds. But the spearhead of the expedition – Hulk, Falcon and Bucky – had trouble calling him back.

After several attempts, Bucky showed that an old man was sitting on a bench nearby, and he turned out to be Steve Rogers. Rogers told Sam, his closest confidant, that he decided to have life, which Tony Stark always patted, insinuating that he returned to the past and lived his life with Peggy Carter. And because he lived a full life, he is now a very, very old Steve Rogers.

What are the next Marvel films that will come out?
Marvel has announced several films in the work, including Black Widow, Black Panther II, Guardian of Galaxy 3, Doctor Strange II, and Shang-Chi, Marvel’s first films about Asian superheroes. There will also be a sequel to Captain Marvel, considering that the film has now exceeded $ 1 billion. But Marvel hasn’t revealed when the films will be released

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