Nursery Centre and Indonesia's largest Aglonema Supplier

First planting and maintaining ornamental plants just simply hobby, but a growing number of fans of the ornamental plants in Indonesia opens new business opportunities that are very promising. The market share of this business is very strategic in which ornamental plants a lot of interest among the elite by intermediate and above. Plants of concern enthusiasts is Aglaonema houseplants, sri sustenance, or a chinese evergreen. Various types of Aglaonema have seized the attention of a lot of people who are fond of ornamental plants.  Colour schemes and a unique leaf motif into its own value.  It is said that the fans of ornamental plants do not hesitate spending millions of dollars just for the fun of it. Aglaonema have high economic value. A very beautiful shape make this plant has an expensive price. No wonder Aglaonema plant cultivation began mushrooming in Indonesia. One of them is in the Garden District Aglaonema Rumpin, BSD, Tangerang. Aglaonema gardens is one of the largest, having an area of approximately 1 hectare of cultivated aglaonema houseplants ranging from nursery up to the sale. The garden serves online sales each month around 50 thousand pack the flowers delivered to entire aglaonema Indonesia. Not denying it anymore, the business agalonema business into the most profitable plants. How not, in an effort of this ornamental plants there are at least 3 business model. Namely; sale of seedlings, sales in the pot, and now a great many ornamental plants that need in a show or event. Usually the most common i.e. weddings. Well, because it provokes a business lease ornamental plants is quite good berprospek.

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