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Chinese Pig Year 2019 Land, how Your Hockey?

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Chinese new year celebrations to 2570 (Chinese new year 2019) citizens of Chinese descent have arrived in droves come to the Temple to pray. The year 2018 that previously was the year of the dog becomes the land of the pig the land one of the 12 Chinese zodiac. The pig is believed to be a symbol of optimism and enthusiasm. The celebration of Chinese new year and Cap Go Meh got rejection by a number of CBOs in Bogor and Pontianak. Political issues ahead of the presidential election and the religious sentiment to be one of the reason. Muslim forum Bogor reject the celebration of Chinese new year and Cap Go Meh 2019 in Region Bogor. They assess the celebration Chinese new year and Cap Go Meh is not just a tradition of the Chinese citizens, but rather a religious holy day. Yet others in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, Pancasila Youth Organizations and Youth Communication Forum of Malay and Chinese new year celebrations rejects Cap Go Meh. They reasoned this celebration is not appropriate because of the impending presidential election, they worried it could cause friction with the native culture of Indonesia so as to make the situation not conducive. The celebration of Chinese new year is in fact already attached with the native Indonesia society. As a cultural procession Grebeg Sudiro 2019 which is the symbol of the acculturation of the citizens of Chinese descent and Java. There is also a procession of Chinese tumpengan held citizens of Chinese descent in Yogyakarta. In other cities in the world, closely related to the lunar new year with Fireworks, red paper lanterns, and a wide range of food. If you really want to feel the kemeriahaan celebration of the Chinese new year, there are 4 cities in Indonesia that you visit, including:

  1. Jakarta Chinese who really dislike, you can pay a visit to Chinatowns around the area of Nine Compartments and Glodok.
  2. Semarang Sam Poo Kong Shrine will become the center of the celebration of the Chinese new year 2019 in Semarang as the years before. Besides Chinese new year celebrations in the City Centre are usually concentrated in Market Semawis located in Chinatown.
  3. Singkawang, West Kalimantan Chinese New Year Celebration in Singkawang will last for 17 days starting from February 3, up to the closing date of 20 February at the stadium Kridasana.
  4. Solo in the city of Solo, there is a unique tradition called Grebeg Sudiro that blends Javanese and Chinese cultures. This is usually a giant celebration Sudiro was centred in Pasar Gede.

As quoted from the page, there are eight largest temple in Indonesia, one of which enter into the ranks of the largest temple complex in Southeast Asia.

  1. Kelenteng Kwan Sing Bio in Tuban, East Java Kwan Sing Bio Temple, this temple is also in as the largest temple in Southeast Asia.
  2. Kelenteng Tay Kak Sie in Semarang, Central Java Temples Tay Kak Sie temple that became very popular in the area of Semarang, Central Java.
  3. Tri Dharma Temple Chandra Nadi in Palembang, South Sumatra Temple Tri Dharma Chandra Nadi was the first temple built in Palembang.
  4. Temple of Heaven Hell in Singkawang, West Kalimantan, As one of the largest temples in West Kalimantan, the Temple of Heaven Hell it also became a center of worship of existing Chinese people in Singkawang area.
  5. Temple Cu An Kiong in Rembang, Central Java Temples Cu An Kiong into the temple that is quite unique in Central Java.
  6. The temple Xian Ma in Rembang, Central Java, the temple Xian Ma became one of the existing temples in Central Java which was pretty crowded the surrounding communities.
  7. Temple Hok Tiek Hian in Surabaya, East Java, in addition to being one of the largest temples in Indonesia, Hok Tiek Hian also become ancient buildings typical of the history of Chinese people in the past.
  8. Kim Tek Le Temple in West Jakarta Kim Tek Le became the only one of the oldest Chinese temple in Jakarta. The temple was first built in 1650 before World War II.

Chinese new year gathering of the moment for all family members. Not only sharing Chinese new year celebration, when a ampau is usually Chinese society serves typical food. Here are some typical Chinese food that is always presented during this special moment:

  • Mandarin orange Chinese Citizens will prepare Mandarin orange. The orange color of the Orange is believed to be a symbol of good luck. Mandarin orange is regarded as symbolism of gold.
  • Siu Noodle Noodles typical of Chinese it symbolizes longevity, happiness, and sustenance in abundance.
  • Yu Sheng Yu Sheng is salad greens. Yu sheng as the meaning of luck.
  • Chicken, pork and fish Food is a symbol of fortune and happiness.
  • Cake Basket basket Cakes laid out on top as a symbol of sustenance or prosperity. Cake basket is also commonly used for offerings of its ancestors.
  • Layer cake this cake is Legit as a symbol of sustenance in abundance.

Based on Chinese Astrology forecast, there is a zodiac lucky and luck in the year of the pig this land. Like what your fate is your luck in the new year the pigs land?

  • Zodiac Monkey will worry about financial pressures.
  • Zodiac Tiger will undergo a year of the pig with confidence.
  • Zodiac Horse Shines in land of Pork, more Fortunate and happy
  • Goat Zodiac Pig Year shine in the Land
  • Zodiac Rooster Natural Ups And Downs, Had To Work Hard
  • Zodiac Rat Change in Pork, ground, more fortunate and happy
  • Zodiac dog in the year of the pig Ta * well, Tumultuous Years
  • Shio Pigs most inopportune in the pigs Land
  • Zodiac Dragon Full Of Luck Like Peach Flowers
  • Zodiac Snake in the pigs Land, too many Conflicts
  • Zodiac Rabbit Should Control speech and Attitude in the pigs Land
  • Zodiac Ox will experience ups and downs in the ground Pork

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