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 Draconid and South Taurid Meteor Rain in October 2019

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Two of the Draconid and South Taurid meteor showers will peak this week, while the other, Orionid, will reach maximum activity at the end of the month. Draconids is expected to be active on the nights of October 8 and 9, according to the American Meteor Society (AMS).

This meteor shower is considered to be relatively small, with only five to ten meteors that are seen per hour normally although several extraordinary years have shown much higher levels.

This shower radiation or position in the sky from where the meteors originated is located in the southeast of the constellation Draco, very close to the location of a faint star called Kuma.

South Taurid together, North Taurid is famous for being rich in “fireballs”, which are basically very bright meteors. In fact, this rain is responsible for the increasing number of fireballs reported between September and November each year.

In general, meteors are described as fireballs when their brightness exceeds -4, which is roughly the same as the planet Venus when viewed in the morning or evening sky.

To get the best view of this meteor shower, try to go somewhere far away from light pollution with favorable weather conditions. After 3 am local time, after the moon sets.

Later that month, a more significant Orionid meteor shower will peak on the night of October 21 and 22. Orionid has been active since 2 October and will remain so until 7 November.

“The Orionids are medium power showers that sometimes achieve high strength activities,” according to AMS. “In a normal year, Orionid produces a maximum of 10-20 groups.

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