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Report: Drought With Resapan Water Well Technology

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In the wet season water supplies will rise sharply giving rise to flood and drought instead of making clean water supplies dwindling even in some areas is very difficult to get it.

Water shortages cause dryness everywhere. Not a few farmers who suffered a failed harvest and planting failed because there is no water supply. The solution to this problem is to manufacture of the well resapan water.

Resapan water wells can minimize the occurrence of catastrophic flooding when the rainy season while adding to supplies of clean water in the soil that can be utilized during the dry season.

Resapan water wells can be made in the area of water peresapan in the area of cultivation, neighborhood, Office, retail, industrial, sports facilities and infrastructure and other public facilities.

The benefits of a well resapan are:

  • Reduce surface flow so as to prevent/reduce the occurrence of floods and standing water.
  • Maintain and improve the high ground water levels.
  • Reduce erosion and sedimentation
  • Reduce/hold sea water intrusion for the area adjacent to the coastal area
  • Prevent soil degradation (land subsidance)
  • Reducing the concentration of pollution of ground water

General requirements that must be met are:

  • Resapan wells must be located on a flat land, not on the ground berlereng, steep or unstable.
  • Well resapan is a minimum of five metres away from where the landfill waste and septic tanks, and a minimum of one meter from the Foundation of the building.
  • The depth of the well resapan get to sandy soil or a maximum of two meters below the surface of the ground water.
  • The depth of the face of the water (water table) minimum 1.50 meters in the rainy season.
  • The structure of the soil must have a permeability of the soil (the soil’s ability to absorb water) of at least 2.0 cm per hour which means in one hour was able to soak up puddles as high as 2 cm.

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