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Geopark Ciletuh Harbor Queen "Garden Earth"

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Geopark Ciletuh Pelabuhan Ratu (Foto:

Geopark Ciletuh Queen's Harbor (photo: and new year holiday is the most awaited moment of many people. Away days already waiting for this moment to apply for a leave of absence and enjoy exciting vacation with the family. Current Holidays has indeed become a necessity for everyone, especially for the House of millennial doctrines that make the holidays as mandatory. Currently the instagrammable tourist destinations are being hunted by the traveller. Based on research carried out Schofields Insurance, 40.1 percent of the respondents which is the millennial generation, choose a location on a vacation that is “Instagrammable”. Indonesia has many amazing sights not only Bali, Lombok, and Raja Ampat, new tourist destinations have sprung up and started young traveler visited. One is Mega amphiteater Geopark Ciletuh who became the spotlight of the world. Quoted from the page, Ciletuh in Ciemas, Sukabumi district, West Java, in the far West, around 30 km south southwest of Pelabuhanratu. Ciletuh geopark is located in the border zone of active tectonics: subduction zones between the Eurasian plate and the Indo-Australia. Ciletuh is a subduction trench Ocean plate convergence “Meso-Tethys” and continental plate happens to 120-60 million years ago in Western Indonesia. If we later walking on the beach of Ciletuh, actually 120-60 million years ago, this place is a deep trench 7000 meters. Only the geology for 60 million next year to promote him, sinking her again, lifting it again, until finally exposed and now we can visit. That this slope or the base of the trough will be immediately visible to the phenomenon of rock and deformasinya. What is a subduction trough the present plate convergence exist? Of course there is, because the region is geologically Indonesia convergence antarlempeng. Trench is subducted Ocean plate current occurs at a distance of about 200 km to the southwest of Ciletuh. There are, at present, the Central Indian Ocean plate bend at a depth of 7000 m. Then Ciletuh is a fossil subducted plate is very valuable, the place can learn about geological processes plate subduction, and society at large could understand just how complex, consistent and patient, as well as menakjubkannya all geological processes on Earth that, especially in Indonesia. There are three reasons why why Geopark Ciletuh special?

  1. Geopark Citetuh reveal a variety of rocks of oceanic crust, deep sea sediments, the mantle of the Earth, and the continental slope, which is derived from the subduction trough plate convergence that was Lime, about 120-60 million years ago, which led him to become one of the of the two places with the oldest rocks on the island of Java;
  2. Geopark Citetuh showed extraordinary slides between altitude specifications inner Bay and Jampang Plato’s Pelabuhanratu imprint into the amphitheatre Ciletuh;
  3. Geopark Citetuh save the panorama of geo-ecology.

Many interesting spot that you can visit while in Ciletuh, among others, Palangpang Beach, Sodong, Curug Curug Cimarinjung, lava rocks, Darma Peak pillow 60-100jt of the year, and many more.

Geological site in Ciletuh-Palabuhanratu National Geopark can be grouped based on the type as follows:


  • Awang Waterfall
  • Cikanteh Waterfall
  • Cikaret Waterfall
  • Curug Cimarinjung
  • Waterfall Is Sublime
  • Peak Waterfall
  • Puncakmanik Waterfall
  • Waterfalls Of Sodom
  • Central Falls


  • View from Girimukti
  • View from Mekarsakti
  • View from Pamoyanan
  • The point of view of Panenjoan
  • View Image
  • View from Cikiara

Rare Rocks

  • Alien Stone
  • Stone Rhino
  • Batik Stone
  • Crocodile Rock
  • Sea Lions Stone
  • Dragon Squad Stone
  • The bull stone
  • Stone Nunggul
  • Stone Fence
  • Buffalo Stone
  • Frog Stone
  • Turtle Stone

Sea Caves

  • Parat Sodong Sea Caves
  • Sea Cave Kunti

Beach Beauty

  • Beach Batununggul
  • Cibulakan Beach
  • Beach Cikadal
  • Beach Cikalapa
  • Beach Cikepuh
  • Beach Citirem
  • Beach Legonpandan
  • Seven Waves Beach
  • Beach Palangpang
  • Beach Sodong Parat
  • Beach Ujunggenteng

Fossil and Rare Rocks

Hot Water Fountain

  • Cisolok Geysers


  • A Variety Of Conservation
  • Cultivation Area

Cultural Diversity

  • Historical and cultural sites
  • Crafts and traditional foods
  • Tradition and Art

Because of its natural beauty. There is a landscape, mountain, waterfall, rice fields, crops, and culminated at the mouth of the River to the sea. Geopark Ciletuh Sukabumi officially get the title as Unesco Global Geopark (UGG). Endorsement delivered in the Council Executive Board Unesco, Thursday (12/4) in Paris, France.

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