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Sample The Pleasures Of The Original Cheese Dangke, Indonesia

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Dangke is a typical Regency enrekang, South sulawesi. Regional food that its charm already up abroad. This information is the first time I know of one private TV that informs about the Indonesian specialities that have flavors such as foreign specialities.

Dangke is a traditional food of Enrekang, South Sulawesi. Made from cow’s milk/water buffalo in pure mix papaya with SAP. Types of fermented cow’s milk cheese that’s been manufactured since the year 1900 the 50s is reminiscent of ‘ Keseek ‘, Germany-made cheese with a texture like the idea and are white.

The flavor of savory and delicious Dangke, will surely get you hooked to try it. No wonder if Dangke could serve as one of the specialties that can attract tourists.  According to the Head Office of the Regency Enrekang, saying that Dangke had reached Malaysia and Japan. Allegedly, this food began to be known since the days of the colonial Netherlands.

Around the year 1900. Some say, food is called Dangke, because of a Germany-born pastor was offered food and say thanks in the language of the Netherlands. Since then, Enrekang cheese food is known by the name Dangke.

Fried or baked is a way of presenting the most simple and most often found to prepare the chunk-chunk of Dangke into the dish is ready to be enjoyed. A plate of warm rice and sambal terasi is a fitting companion to eat pieces of local cheese.

Migrants and residents own most fond of enrekang enjoyed Dangke with ‘ pulu mandoti ‘. Rice when boiled rice whose scent can smell until in the distance is the result of the Earth that can only be grown in paddies Enrekang.

Dangke can last up to one month. So You don’t need to worry if you want to bring Dangke as souvenirs for the family, because Dangke could be taken sampe for hours or even several days. Before Dangke this heated food should preferably be taken and put in the fridge so that it could last a long time.

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