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The issue of the Golput undermined the Sound Jokowi and Prabowo

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Vague appeal golput is increasingly clear. Negative campaigns both spouses and capres cawapres be trigger. Most of them are fed up with political conditions in Indonesia at the moment.

Instead of getting a good political education of society Indonesia thus republished action attacking each other, the speech of hate and a hoax.

Golput movement is becoming increasingly evident when visiting social networking twitter. Twitter-Twitter menggaungkan twitter users rallying cry golput in 2019 presidential election.

Many of the reasons that formed the basis of why they are taking this step. Disillusionment with the current Government that in fact back run for President, the absence of a presidential candidate and Vice President alternative qualified, to disgust with both candidates the President Jokowi-Ma’aruf Amin and his part-He UNO due never serves a positive campaign.

In addition options cawapres also make potential golput predicted will increase. For example, supporters of Kyai Ma’aruf Amin Basuki Tjahja full moon (Ahok) disappointed with the Jokowi because cawapresnya become selects Ma’aruf Amin, they assume he has the role of plunging Ahok to prison. Yet others with Capres Prabowo Subianto who choose Sandiaga Uno, that in fact as challengers in Elections Jakarta, Ahok mendudukkannya as well as the guilty party in the case of defeat Ahok involvement.

Hectic movement golput recently appeared on the public apparently make adoptive Jokowi President talk.

Quoted from the page kompas.com, “I encourage golput is absent. Golput option, but the direction of the State into the future it is determined by the voting rights that come to POLLING STATIONS, “said Jokowi.

A group of students declared a Millennial ‘ Golput ‘. They confess to disappointment with the two camps in the presidential elections 2019. They confessed to undergoing uncomfortable situations during the presidential elections 2019.

Golput issues among millennial also received special attention from the ELECTION COMMISSION. On Sunday, ELECTION COMMISSION Officials roll out action 02/02/2019 anti golput in CFD. In action they invite citizens to not golput 2019 elections upcoming.

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