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 The Secret of Meditation as Natural Self Healing

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The human body has the natural ability to rid itself of poisons, bacteria, and other foreign objects that can cause harm. The function of our self-healing abilities is ranked first in fighting disease, while medical care and other complementary facilities must be subject to our body’s self-healing system. When we feel uncomfortable, we can go to the doctor but cannot overestimate them and the most important thing is to cure the disease by motivating our own healing powers.

Meditation is an effective way to cure.

Meditation is used to increase calmness and physical relaxation, improve psychological balance, overcome illness, and improve overall health and well-being. Many studies have been conducted to prove that meditation can help for a variety of conditions, such as high blood pressure, certain psychological disorders, and pain.

Meditation takes you to a relaxed light trance, known as alpha condition. Alpha is a condition when the most relaxed and calm mind occurs when the person is daydreaming or sleeping. However, at this time relaxing sleep is difficult to achieve. Stress and pressure have reduced sleep. In alpha states, brain waves slow down to half the normal frequency so that your normally locked subconscious mind opens, this helps you increase the positive energy that heals your body.

The importance of meditation

By practicing meditation every day, you will become a more calm person. There will be mental calm in every task you do.
Meditation helps reduce stress by affecting your nervous system.

  • Regular meditation helps relieve stress.
  • Mediation also helps control anger.
  • Meditation increases the acquisition of energy from the inner source.
  • Grow good habits.
  • Increased concentration is the result of meditation.
  • Meditation improves the immune system and thus helps control blood pressure and reduce blood cholesterol.
  • Meditation slows aging.
  • Meditation provides emotional stability.
  • By making meditation a routine, consciousness develops and gradually you will reach the highest point of consciousness.
  • Helps you learn about yourself and also the mystery of life.

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