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 Tips for Staying Healthy and Happy When Quarantine Yourself at Home

3 min read – In order to reduce the spread of corona virus outbreaks in the Community, the Government issued a number of appeals. In addition to washing hands frequently with soap and maintaining a clean and healthy lifestyle, people are also asked to always maintain distance or social distancing.

Here are five ways to stay healthy and happy when quarantining yourself at home;

1. Mind

Your mental health is the most important. If your mind is not stimulated, you may begin to feel bored, which can cause mild depression. To reduce this, you must keep that thought active. Puzzles, books, sudoku, and crosswords are the best ways to stimulate the brain. Challenging yourself will help keep you on the ball when locked.

What is also important is balance. You must let your mind rest. The best way to relax at the end of the day is through light meditation, yoga, or deep breathing exercises. This will help calm your mind and release any tension you are holding unconsciously.

If you have never done yoga and want to learn, there is no time like now. The following is a 20-minute quick starter guide:

2. The body

Your neck and back will be very tense if you work from home. Working from an unsupported bed, sofa or chair can be really long-term damage if you are not careful.

Blood also needs to flow without limits, so sitting cross-legged is not ideal. If you find yourself fixated on your laptop or computer, set an alarm every hour and for one minute, stand up. This will help make the blood flow, it will force you to rest for a while and it will give you a little help that is very much needed. Focus on sitting up straight and stretch your back as often as possible.

3. Food

At this time, you need to focus on encouraging the body with as much nutrition as possible to ensure a healthy mind and a healthy body. If you make healthy and balanced food choices and your portion sizes are not large, your body and mind will be better.

Breakfast is very important and if you are not the type of breakfast, you need to train your body to be like this. Starts small: toast, boiled eggs. You need to feed the body to fill the brain. Whatever dietary needs you have, try to eat as clean as possible. Avoid fried foods, limit your salt intake and try to avoid sugar. Also, don’t forget to stay hydrated.

4. Stay active

Dedicating a small part of your day to exercise will greatly help maintain your immune system. It doesn’t have to be intense and tiring but you have to sweat. Increasing heart rate helps pump oxygen throughout the body and makes blood flow. It is important to mix cardio and strength training so that you do not leave muscle groups.

5. Other tips

Sleep is very important for maintaining a healthy immune system, with 7-8 hours being the ideal amount of time. It’s easy to watch the watch series in the early hours of the morning but this is not conducive to your health. Try your best to turn off and relax an hour or two before going to bed to help you sleep.

Hydration, hydrate, hydrate. Try getting 2-3 liters a day, to help your body function. If this sounds like an impossible task, add some lemon or cucumber to your water that you drink.

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