Sun. Aug 9th, 2020

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 Tips to Avoid the Dangers of Microsleep When Driving

1 min read – Microsleep is a condition where the brain is not stimulated. Similarly, daydreaming is a characteristic of having microsleep. For drivers, microsleep usually attacks people who are used to going through a road continuously. This can also happen to people who have long and continuous travel routes. Because the level of boredom can be higher, and the path traveled is just that.

The first thing you can do is change the route. This needs to be done to simply refresh the atmosphere on the way, and make the brain aroused by new situations. So you can make several paths or routes to one destination to avoid boredom.

Another way is to move the pupils of the eye. Like checking the rearview mirror right-left and front-back can help the brain to keep working and focused. So, don’t be mistaken when you get bored during a long journey instead of always consuming coffee, it could be the cause is bored on the same route.

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