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 Viral #AgeChallenge and Privacy FaceApp Violation Allegations

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The hashtag #AgeChallenge hashtag where people upload photos of older faces causes the FaceApp application to quickly become a focus of the world. The hashtag #AgeChallenge hashtag in recent days turned into hysteria accompanied by a series of wild allegations of privacy behind this application. Does it violate privacy issues and is there any particular danger because the application is from Russia and whose CEO is a former executive at Google’s Russian partner, Yandex. Russia generally does not have the most crowded reputation on cyber issues, although, again, some people point out that it is unfair to judge an application just because of where it is located.

Social media claims allege that FaceApp users inadvertently submitted their photos for use by Russian-made intelligence, or have been secretly spied on through the application.

Did FaceApp steal your photos and give them to the Russian Government?

Evidence does not show that. FaceApp says that it does not share data with third parties and that it temporarily (48 hours) saves images in the cloud for performance reasons. Despite talking to Forbes, iOS security researcher Will Strafach, said that FaceApp can process images on the device to be safer.

What did the researchers find?

The Verge said that they did not find anything strange in the FaceApp application, either in the code or network traffic, so if you are worried about FaceApp, there may be many other applications on your phone that do the same thing. However, the site added that the conversation brought attention to standard technology practices that might be more invasive than users realized.

Researcher Jane Manchun Wong that she hasn’t found anything “suspicious” in the application:

Forbes also found that application servers are mostly based in America, not Russia. “The server for is based in the Amazon data center in the US. The company told Forbes that some servers are hosted by Google as well, in all other countries, including Ireland and Singapore, “the site said.

Rodriguez, an engineer at Google, tested FaceApp on four different phones running Apple’s iOS operating system and confirmed that FaceApp didn’t upload entire camera rolls without permission.

“That doesn’t upload your entire library to the cloud,” Rodriguez said. “That must be the first false claim that happened.”

Rodriguez believes that FaceApp can explain to users that aging technology is applied to photos after being uploaded to the cloud, rather than being applied to their own devices. But according to him it is not unusual in the world of free applications, where users often do not consider their privacy when downloading new applications.

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