Egianus Kogoya Mastermind the massacre of 31 Workers in Papua

31 workers of PT Istaka Karya (Persero) bridge project in the District of Yigi, Regency Nduga, Papua killed an armed Criminal Group massacred leadership Egianus Kogoya. Trigger this event starts on Sunday December 2, 2018, as they carry out the ceremony of the anniversary of independence. 1 December for this group is seen as the Papua independence day, the day of the Declaration of freedom of occupation of Netherlands in 1961. Some workers join to watch and take photographs of such activities so as to make them angry, they then slaughtered workers who were there. According to the Papua Police Publicist Kabid Kombes Ahmad Mustofa Kamal in his statement said the armed Criminal Group Leader Egianus Kogoya initially killing 24 people, while eight people escaped and went into hiding at home. However, the armed Criminal Groups came to the House and execute 19 people shot dead by the way. While one person is not yet known of its existence. Not only kills 31 workers project Trans New Guinea Armed Criminal Groups (KKB) also stormed the post of TNI Yonif 755/Yalet on the Mbua and resulting in a TNI members died and another injured hit by bullet fragments. President of Joko Widodo ordered TNI Commander and Assistant down directly to the Regency Nduga, Papua, post-war massacre of 31 workers bridge project. TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto promised the perpetrators would soon be arrested. A joint team of the Indonesian armed forces and the national police was formed and immediately pursued the Group bersejata. Four workers managed to escape from the RAID on the armed groups leadership Egianus Kogoya. The four workers were successfully evacuated by the joint team of the Indonesian Police. Project development in Papua is indeed difficult. In addition to the extreme terrain, disturbance of security from armed groups have also become a threat. Egianus Kogoya has indeed long been hunted by INDONESIAN ARMED FORCES and police. He was involved in a series of action shooting, before he also was the mastermind of the abduction of 15 teachers and health workers who were held hostage for 14 days in Mapenduma.

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