35 GB Quota hoax on the 10th anniversary of Whatsapp

Some of today’s crowded Central messages circulating in the serial application whatsapp. This message is offering a reward of 35 GB free quota in order birthday whatsapp to 10. In this message provides links that if clicked will pop up a small survey and the user is asked to answer it. When you are finished filling out the surveys they’d promised 35GB internet quota. “10th anniversary of WhatsApp: get 35 GB of free internet for your mobile carrier for use within 6 months. Https://fitedetox.club/35gb now ask, “so the sound of that message. People who are not careful will be gullible with a message of this kind. This is a scammer who intentionally created by people who are not responsible. and if you get a message like this, it’s not a clickable link that exists therein.

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