Thousands Of Laborers Work Strike Action In Morowali Refused TKA China?

Video action strike thousands of workers in the industrial area of PT Indonesia Morowali Industrial Park (IMIP) in the villages of Bahodopi, Morowali Regency, Thursday (24/1) so viral on social media. The reason, many narratives that circulate bahwak this action rejected the dominance of Chinese origin of foreign workers. none of these issues are getting bigger, scrolling through his twitter account, upload your video KemnakerRI Employment Minister Hanif Dhakiri that directly respond to the issues outstanding.

Hello Rekanaker … We tell them that the demo Area workers at PT IMIP Morowali is related to the demands of rising UMSK, not denial of TKA demo China. For that, Rekanaker is expected to be cautious in responding to the issues that are outstanding.

Good morning. Labour in Morowali demo demo TKA in China. JG naturists reject TKA demo China. Labour in Morowali demo related Sectoral Minimum wage Kab (UMSK), wrote the current sdg handled related authority there. Jgn fall for the hoax. Don’t join the spread the hoax. Beware of kicks the sheep! AntiHoax Community also responded via his twitter account.

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