The Benefits Of The Fruit Tin "Fruit From Heaven"

Fruit tin is famous as a fruit with a fairly complete nutritional content, be it the nutrients in the form of vitamins or minerals. Contents this is the reason the experts holding the fruit tin as super fruit nutrition. Nutritional fruit tin or Fig is indeed quite high, but very rarely the Indonesia Society consuming the fruit tin on a regular basis. Whereas in Indonesia itself has been cultivating the fruit tin, it’s just that the price is still pretty expensive. The benefits of the fruit Tin for health and treatment 1. Overcoming hypertension and coronary heart Fruit tin contains natural minerals such as magnesium, phosphorus, omega 3, omega 6, and phenol. Contents of mineral natural nutritious enough to lower high blood pressure and prevent coronary heart disease. 2. Reduce cholesterol levels in the body of the fruit Benefits tin this one may occur because when pectin into the body, the content will sweep all the cholesterol and throw it through the excretion system. Be it the excretion in the form of chapters, sweat, or in the form of urine. 3. Prevent a heart attack, according to research that has been carried out in Saudi Arabia, the fruit tin contains a pretty good high potassium to lower sodium levels in the body. The experts also argue, fruit consumption of tin at least 1 x a day will help suppress your risk of sudden heart attack. 4. Good for diabetics Although the fruit tin that’s sweet, content of glucose and fructose in fruit it will not make Your blood sugar levels to rise. Fruit tin also contain soluble fiber and carbohydrates. Both the content is what will hamper the absorption of excess sugar in the digestive system You optimally. In fact, some experts add one fruit is also quite effective for preventing diabetes, but provided no excessive consumption. 5. Prevent cancer deadly Fruit Tin contains polyfenolyang acts as an antioxidant free radical capturer. 6. Prevent bone loss and reinforcing it in the fruit tin contained calcium compounds are quite high, even the nutritional calcium content reveals the ahi and phosphorus in the fruit tin is higher than on the content in the milk. 7. Elevating the body naturally in addition to increase height, complete nutritional content in the fruit tin is also good to replace milk consumption for those of you who are experiencing allergy milk allergy, especially milk cows. 8. Menggemukan body to increase your weight, please consume fruit tin along with the milk before going to bed. 9. Overcoming the difficulty sleeping or insomnia, according to research at Yale University, the fruit tin contains tryptophan which is quite effective to give a sense of comfort, calm and relaxed for our thoughts. So that is very good for relieving insomnia and make sleep more soundly. 10. Able to overcome anemia (a lack of blood) Efficacy fruit tin to supplement this blood can appear due to iron content is high enough. where the iron content of this was the raw material of your blood hemoglobin formation.

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