Hackers breaking into the SEC Database and stole millions of classified information

Reported by CNBC page of News, Hackers use malicious software sent through email to the employees of the SEC. Then, after planting the software on the computer of the SEC, they send the information they may collect from EDGAR to the server system in Lithuania, where they use it or distribute data to other criminals, said Carpenito. EDGAR service operating in New Jersey, which is why the Department of Justice Office in Newark is involved in this case. Stephanie Avakian, Vice Chairman of the SEC Enforcement Division, said that the same criminals also steal advanced press release sent to the three wire service news, though he did not mention the name of the new news wire. Hackers use multiple accounts of brokers to collect illicit profits, he said. Carpenito, in a press conference Tuesday, saying "After compromise into the system of EDGAR they stole the draft report before the information is disseminated to the general public," he said. Two people were charged by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine because compromise database-Oleksandr Radchenko and Artem Ieremenko. Seven further individuals and entities is also named in the civil suit by the SEC for trading based on the forbidden information: Sungjin Cho, David Kwon, Igor Sabodakha, Victoria Vorochek, Ivan Olefir, Andrey Sarafanov, Capyield Systems, Ltd. ( owned by Olefir) and Spirit Trade Ltd.

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