A Hidden Message Behind Nurhadi Account-Aldo

Indonesia presidential election draws closer. The rivalry between the supporters of Prabowo-Sandiaga Uno with Joko Widodo-Ma'aruf Amin getting hot. The society continued on the competition that Indonesia could not educate of identity politics, hate speech, until the news lying or hoaxes. This has led to disquiet in the community, because the effect of the real case. Exactly-desired is Buffalo programs, ideas and solutions for a better Indonesia. However, it seems difficult to be carried out in social media facebook, twitter, and youtube for example, instagram everyday user of social media in Indonesia presented the action of bully, adu's mouth between the politician and the speech of hate. Starting from social media can propagate to Earth as real as #2019GantiPresiden Action initially viral on twitter be real movement in the community. Even this movement had sparked tension and atmosphere is getting hotter. In addition many people who experience bad things due to the difference of this political choice as hostile to friends, neighbors, even family.  The action of the duel never happened even sacrificing lives just for the sake of the moment of this annual 5. Bhineka Tunggal Ika motto seems to already do not mean again. Indonesia is experiencing a difficult time, democracy in this country is truly being tested. In the midst of an increasingly hot political issue arose accounts of victim of candidate President and Vice President – Aldo Nurhadi. Carried by the Coalition "Tronjal Tronjol Maha Engrossed" this pair quickly so Prima Donna in cyberspace. Unique content delivered via the meme that made the public entertained.   Nurhadi-Aldo accidentally created by a group of young people who feel sultry in black with the campaign in Indonesia's political stage. Additionally khaqq Nurhadi-Aldo is a criticism to the fortress Jokowi-Ma'roof and Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno who hasn't been able to offer a quality campaign. Nurhadi-Aldo vigorous ' campaigning ' on social they hoped Indonesia could still laugh, although ' political ' temperature heats up ahead of the presidential election of 2019.

I want Indonesia to laugh, my pretty ' strained '

Who the capres a fictitious Nurhadi's later famous on Facebook, Instagram, until Twitter it? Nurhadi turns profession as a masseur reflection who lives in one of the stalls in the market Brayung, Kecamatan Mejobo, Kabupaten Kudus, Central Java. Pair of presidential candidates and Vice President of a fictitious Nurhadi-Aldo managed to attract the attention of Indonesia society. I was so viralnya almost all the news media raised the matter of Nurhadi-Aldo, it also makes the Compass TV interested invited him to Rosi. Originally a conversation with Father figure Rosi Nurhadi mediocre but there are interesting things in interviews with Rosi Edwin (creators Nurhadi-Aldo). Edwin says that one of the purposes of the appearance of fictional couples Nurhadi-Aldo is supporting the White movement (golput) aka don't choose one of the paslon who fought in the presidential election. Edwin along with other creators – Aldo Nurhadi, also wanted to perform at "a bigger Stage". Hmmm will this will shake up the established political groups?

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