Tribe Sentinel Unspoiled By Era

In an era of technological sophistication as now who would have thought if there are still people who are not exposed to modernity. For example the tribe of sentinel, they are very isolated from the outside world. Their life is still still very primitive, they absolutely do not know even the simplest technology though. Some of today's linimasa which documents the media was filled with news of an American missionary who was murdered in India sentinel tribe. John Chau killed Tribal Sentinel because trying to get into the island to spread the Christian religion. Who Is The Tribe Of Sentinel? The tribe lived on the island of Sentinel Sentinel, the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, India. According to the India census year 2011, the population of this tribe only revolves around 15 people only, but that data is approximate. This tribe is indeed known for aggressive tribe and one of the most dangerous in the world. The tribe of the Sentinel was not reluctant to kill anyone who tried to approach the island. Until recently there was not much information about the tribes of the sentinel. What language they use, the ritual of what they do, how they live, it is still a mystery. The researchers are still waiting for them to open up and want to receive guests from outside. Some people who never tried to figure out the problem this tribe, but the result was quite the unpleasant experience that they get. The year 1974 was a film-maker hit by arrows while trying to make a documentary about this tribe. The year 2006, two fishermen who accidentally visit this island killed with very cruel.  India Government helicopters bombarded the arrows when you try to check the condition of this tribe of post tsunami of 2004. And most recently there was an American missionary, John Chau who was killed when dipanah wanted to spread the Christian religion in the island of Sentinel. The Government of India has done numerous attempts to approach the tribe of sentinel. But up to now avail. They wait for the tribe of the sentinel to open up to outsiders.  

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