1991 film Dilan makes the Avengers Infinity War cluck

Dilan 1991 had just been aired throughout theaters in the country, films by Fajar Bustomi and Pidi Baiq became the best-selling in 2019. Since airing on the first day, on February 28, 2019, the film Dilan 1991 broke the Indonesian box office film record.
Dilan 1991 became the first Indonesian film to score 800,000 viewers in just one broadcast day, beating the Infinity War Avengers.

Quoted from filmindonesia.or.id website, currently the Dilan 1991 film ranks first in the top of the Indonesian box office with the number of viewers reaching 3,997,731 followed by Family Cemara in second place and Pension Preman in third place.

15 Indonesian films ranked top in the number of viewers in 2019 based on the film’s circulation year

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