Microsoft Deploy a Data Center Under The Sea


Microsoft has wrapped a small data center with 12 server racks in a cylinder that will be placed on the ocean floor for up to five years. </ span> The idea is to use the sea as a natural coolant, helping to reduce energy.

Microsoft has carried out several experiments like this, including one off the Pacific coast of the US, but this is the most ambitious to date. The company hopes to sink a five-cylinder group together to create a data center in less than 90 days – this requires much faster time than building a data center on land with its cooling system.


Microsoft introduced this experiment with the name “Microsoft Project Natick”, a Microsoft research project to create and operate subsea data centers. Project Natick reflects Microsoft’s ongoing search for datacenter cloud solutions. which offers fast, lower costs, high responsiveness, and is more environmentally friendly.

Project Natick focuses on the future of the cloud that can help serve customers better in areas close to the water. Deepwater distribution offers ready access to cooling and a controlled environment, and has the potential to be empowered by renewable resources.

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